Thailand reminds Asin of Kochi

Asin, the sizzling Mollywood actor, who made it big in Bollywood after her hit debut in Ghajini, went on a nostalgic trip recently while she was shooting in Thailand for her upcoming flick Ready. The girl from Kochi returned to Mumbai just a day before the recent cricket World Cup final.

Speaking to DC from Mumbai, she recalled, “Salman and I shot in many places in Thailand which looked like a paradise on earth, with lush greenery, flowing rivers, waterfalls and coconut plantations everywhere. It reminded me of my native place Kochi in Kerala. It made me feel at home, despite the fact that my parents did not accompany me.”

Her Blackberry status detailing the locale in Thailand (not Bangkok as was mentioned in some media reports) made her friends think that she was in her hometown. “The elephants, house-boats and spicy food reminded me of Kerala,” the actress reminisces, Being an adventurous person, she was fearless even while shooting in the forests at night, muses a unit hand.

Shifting gears to the winning of the World Cup, Asin, an avid cricket buff, said, “I had a shoot in Mumbai. But we wrapped up early and watched the rest of the match in the evening. I was bringing the roof down with the noise I was making after every single Dhoni shot and Yuvraj hit.”

She immediately called her friends Dhoni and Yuvraj and congratulated them as soon as Team India won the match.



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